Are smartphones making us, well, less smart?

Here is a test. Do you remember any of the phone numbers you’ve saved under a heading like mom, dad, sibling, child, etc. if you do, wow, that’s great! However, if you don’t, I’d argue that we are placing so much of a reliance upon a device that we are forgetting the powerful database called our brain.

Next time you want to use your smartphone to remember a phone number or work out a travel plan to a store, take a moment to think for yourself and challenge yourself to remember. Little by little you’ll start to see that you can and probably should retain this information in your brain. Release yourself from the shackles of the smart phone 😂!

A sunset so beautiful and worth sharing

Yesterday evening while at the office I was privileged to witness an amazing sunset that was completely unexpected. The colors were so beautiful that a picture taken failed to capture the true beauty of the bright red, orange and yellow colors spread across the sky.

At certain points it looked like the sky was upside down. You know when you’re on an airplane and you look out the window and see the “fluffiness” of the clouds. Well it looked like that was facing downward at us.

The other thought I had was wow, the world is going to end and if it does it’s a very beautiful ending but I’m missing my loved ones, so please don’t end yet! 😂😜

That said, here’s the photo I captured, no filters applied and snapped with iPhone X.