Happy New Year!

I noticed that all of my Fb posts for the last few years on this day started with “My resolution is to laugh more the following year and hang with family and friends”. Also, “first stop in the new year is Puerto Rico.”

Well, I have no booked travel plans just yet for 2017. So familia/friends feel free to let me know where we should go. Let’s see who’s going to offer up room and board…hahaha?

Joking aside, 2016 had signs of being a flawlessly happy year but then we lost some great people. No I don’t mean celebrities whom I’ve never met, I mean some real up close and wonderful family and friends.

It points to the reason I start off my posts with spending time with family and friends and smiling more than prior year. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, the only guarantees we have are death and taxes. You may be able to cheat taxes but the other is inevitable.

So see ya 2016, it was a good run. We traveled a lot, had a lot of heart ache but spent the better part of the year smiling and laughing with loved ones as seen in pictures, videos and check-in’s.

2017, I don’t know what awaits but I do know that God doesn’t put in our path obstacles he doesn’t believe we can’t handle. I’m looking forward to more continued blessings around good friends and great family!

Happy New Year, thanks for watching, participating, liking, reading and debating. May the new year bring us all health and prosperity while keeping us close to our loved ones!

Ps, I didn’t realize this was such a long post until now…hahaha…Pop the champagne!

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