My dad the comic

So I’m driving my dad home today after we were hanging out with my son at his last soccer game of the year.  My dad and I are talking throughout the ride home and as we approach his house in the Bx I see a group of young kids crossing the street.  I turn to my dad and say, wow that kid needs a haircut, my dad turns to me and says, wanna hear something funny?

I reply, what now dad, because mind you we were talking throughout the whole ride and I knew I was in for yet another funny story from one of my dad’s bus ride encounters.  He starts to recount the funny story to me in spanish but here’s the translated version.

“I was on the bus the other day and a young kid gets on the bus and you know how they wear their pants hanging off there butts these days.”   I laugh a bit and reply yeah dad, “well the kid gets on the bus and the first thing he says when he gets on….it smells in here… so I turn to him and say, it’s probably coming from your butt because you’re walking around with your pants so low that you’re smelling your own ass.  Maybe you should pull your pants up!”

What the kid say you ask?  well he just looked at my dad and then another person on the bus turns to the kid and she says to him “yeah pull up your pants, it’s probably you that smells…”

LOL…Yes, that’s my dad for you…his born on date 1936…gotta love him!


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