My resolution

So first off, do resolutions work?  Has anyone actually stuck to their New Years resolution?  Well my gut tells me that they are just a few sets of words, phrases or long winded statements that don’t really work but make you feel good because you made up a resolution for the year and will attempt to stick to it.

Now that I got that off my chest, I think I am going to see if a resolution does work for me.  I’ll try it out and see if I can make it happen and will report back next year how I faired with my resolution.

My main resolution for this year is to be more trusting to people and less forgiving to those who lie to me.  I’m sure you’re reading this and saying, yeah that sounds like a good resolution until I said to be “less forgiving for those who lie to me”.   Well I figure if I’m more trusting then people will feel comfortable enough to talk about things and not feel like they need to lie to cover anything up. 

My second resolution is to enjoy life more and work through those challenges that it presents at times.  Like a former boss used to tell me, those challenges that you see are opportunities Tomas.  So my first attempt at enjoying life more is by saying, wow it’s Monday and I can’t wait to get back in that Jersey City office.  Ok, sometimes sarcasm does help with getting through challenges…lol…like the challenge I’m going to have with waking up and going to work after a 2 week staycation suffering through the cold NYC weather.  Wow this is such a great opportunity… (Note to self, this resolution feels like it’s going to be a tough one).  All joking aside, there is always a positive in every challenge, it’s up to you to find it!

My last resolution is to stay focused, driven and confident.  These three things usually lead me to doing good things with my life. 

With that, I’ve put to paper [figuratively speaking], my 2010 or as Mariah C. said during her concert the other night, my 210 resolutions [Mariah, blame it on the goose got you feeling loose]….lol