You’ve got mail

One of the many reasons I enjoy acting is due to how movies can touch a person.  As an actor, there are many different trainings and techniques that can help you to be in the moment.  The moment is pretty important and when you are watching other actors work you can usually spot good acting or as some might refer to it as you can’t tell they are acting because it feels so real.

With that in mind, I figured I’d share one of my all time favorite Tom Hanks movies, You’ve Got Mail.  There are several great “acting moments” throughout the movie but there is some good work between the two stars towards the last two main scenes with Tom and Meg.  For the actors out there you’ll know exactly what I mean.  For the fans of my blog…hahah, I know that’s a strecth but why not aspire!…You’ll be able to tell what I mean because the scene will draw you in and you’ll actually have a feeling.  You’ll know exactly what I mean when you feel it!

Happy viewing!


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