How much of a Jungle was it…

Although I’m not a huge fan of the show Lipstick Jungle I was happy to be part of the cast and in the Jazz club scene a few months ago.  I always find it funny how people go crazy over seeing celebrities in public but when you are on the set working sided by side with a fellow actor you clearly see that they are really no different than the average person. 

They are doing a job just like you and enjoy it the same as you.  You don’t see people running up to them to get their authographs and what not, they are truly just regular people.

With that said, the cast did a great scene and one side note about Brooke shields, she is in incredible shape, having grown up watching her in movies like Blue Lagoon, it was great to chat with her for just a minute and see her in person…

You can see my TV debut as a jazz club patron on the show on episode five (105) about 50 seconds into the scene at the jazz club I can be seen behind Victory Ford in that opening scene.  I’m hard to miss with my blue/white club shirt.


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