Feeling a bit poetic lately…

and since I am not really good at writing poems figured I’d google and these below caught my eye…enjoy

Poem Title: Never Give Up On Yourself

My life has been good
That I must admit
But there were times
When I did want to quit
But I always had someone
Telling me don’t give in
Because when you don’t give your all
That is the real sin

If you are blessed with abilities
That others do not posess
Then you must always give all
And strive to do your best

Living life is no secret
It’s as plain to see as the sky
Those who are successful
Are the ones who are willing to try

And when things go wrong
As they sometimes do
That when people watch you close
To see just what you’ll do

And if what they thought
About you is true
A little setback
Will never stop you

So never give up trying
Giving up is a sign of those who fail
And to give up on yourself
Is a sign of self-betrayal

Poem Title: ~BE POSITIVE~

I know being positive is difficult
When you are feeling low
At that moment just trust God
His miracle he will show
Whatever happens is for the best
Its written there for you
Just take it as it comes
For this life is meant for you

I know its difficult for you to understand
Right at this point of time
But its upto you how you live it
Surely your views will agree with mine… 


  Poem Title: Love Conquers All

I’m here because I love you
On my knees I will carry you to Jesus
He will see you through this difficult time
His healing touch will restore you to perfect health
You shall rise above this challenge
Angels and cherubs will rejoice in heaven as they celebrate your healing
Be strong…….. your work here is not done
You touch the lives of many with your beautiful eyes and heart of an angel
God has a plan for your life
Choose to trust in his word
You are healed by the power of the living Christ
Believe that from the core of your being
The potter awaits your arrival
He will restore you body and soul


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