How “Desperate” was I for a shameless plug?

So I was on my way to Vegas for work and I know what your thinking, damn Vegas! That’s what I said…So I board the plane and lucky for me I’m sitting in first class, gotta love my job :)… I’m one of the first couple of people to board the plane and I’m putting my carry on luggage in the overhead compartments. When I sat down I noticed an attractive lady putting her stuff away and getting ready for the long 5 hour flight. We exchange glances and I don’t think nothing of it because I couldn’t really see her face and brushed it off as a friendly gesture, which it was.

I then notice that this same lady took off her hat & sunglasses which allowed me to see her face. When I looked I found myself doing a double take because the lady was none other than Teri Hatcher. So I do what anybody would’ve done, I say to her in a very sincere voice “Hey Teri” and she looks at me as if she knew me for years. I guess it was the fact that I didn’t come across like a screaming fan saying “Teri, teri, look over here…” or something to that affect.

She was very nice and said “Hello” followed by “and what is your name?” which I responded with the obvious “Tomas”. As she said “nice to meet you” and shook my hand other passengers began to occupy the plane and interupted the flow of conversation. So I proceeded to do what I had started which was pull out the Ipod and listen to tunes to relax for the flight.

As I was on the flight I started to think that I should give her my Acting Business card and maybe she could pass it on to help out a struggling actor which we all know has been a part of successful actors lives at one point in time. Lets just say it took me the whole flight to muster up the courage for a Shameless self promotion.

So what did I learn from this experience? Well, I learned that it doesn’t hurt to promote yourself and try to network whenever possible. Has it translated to an actual acting job? Not as of yet but who knows.

So Teri, if you by chance find my card in your bag where you placed it after viewing it, I hope you enjoyed your stay in Vegas and drop me a line via my site….


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