Cuidado – my VHS/DVD debut has been delayed!

So I received a letter via snail mail from the Director Juney Smith of the movie “Cuidado”. It appears that the release of this movie has been pushed back from Nov. 2004 to 3rd Quarter 2005.

I’m a bit disappointed but that’s the way things roll in show business. I saw a pre-screening of this film in the summer and really can’t wait to see the final copy on the video stand. As I’m always excited to see work that I’ve done on the screen, I’ll just have to wait a bit to see this movie in where I played a Drug Dealer. A pretty fly Drug Dealer if you ask me ;)

Law & Order: Trial by Jury

So I was on the set for Law & Order new spin off show Trial by Jury. I know what your thinking wow, that’s great news and I must’ve had a blast. Well you are right, it was great to be on the set, although I was a background actor. I also had great conversations with other actors and ate a lot of craft services.

The role I was going to be playing was that of a Food Delivery Guy on what I think was the 4th show. The only bad part was that I wasn’t used for the scene. I know, I know…you’re thinking well at least you got paid. This is true, the check should be in the mail but for an upcoming actor such as myself, I don’t work for the money. I’m in it for the craft and genuine enjoyment I get out of being in front of that camera and hearing the keyword “Action”.

So I guess better luck next time… :)