Insert Key is lonely!

Here’s a question for all you iPad, Mac, PC people out there…when was the last time you used the “insert” key from your keyboard. You know it’s the key that is usually close to the “delete” key or “home” key!

Please use this lonely key, it’s on the keyboard and is calling out to be pressed. Come you worker bees, it’s almost 5’o clock, have you pressed and do you know where the “insert” key is lately.


“Surface” might be an interesting gadget

The new Microsoft Surface looks cool!  I think the best part about it has to be the slickness of the keyboard that also doubles as a cover.  Outside of that, the form factor looks almost exactly like an iPad.  I wonder if it has the same quick start up feature or always on ability as the iPad.  There’s something to be said of the simplicity of the iPad but I guess there is a new gadget that might just give it some competition.  The big question will be, how much does it cost??

Too much ice?


Hey Cosi, you think you put too much ice in my Raspberry Mojito Lemonade?

I’m going to let all this ice melt and see how much water I actually paid for because the actual lemonade was gone in about 3

—3 hrs time lapse —–


Wow that’s a lot of water…!

Signs I need to hit the gym!!

I get my lunch and a slice of cake for desert…I get to my desk and eat a piece of cake before eating my lunch.

In the middle of eating my lunch I look at my cake and i think to myself damn, I got a piece of cake that was already eaten but then I finally remember that my fat boy self ate some of the cake already…doh! Lol!