Everybody’s Fine

What a great movie (Everybody’s Fine) along with excellent acting.  I’m sure everyone can relate with this movie in some way or another. 

We always try to paint the picture to our parents that we are doing the right thing, so that we don’t upset them or dissapoint them.  I see this in my 7yr old where he tries his hardest not to dissapoint me in any way possible.   What I’ve learned in my years, is that parents always know what we are doing no matter how hard we try to cover things up or paint that rosey picture we believe they want to see or hear.   What I also know is that as we grow up, we are under a lot of pressure to please our parents.  It’s in our nature to want our parents acceptance and so even when we try not to stress ourselves, we find ourselves stressed. 

My takeaways from this film, as a son to two loving parents, I must not try to hide things from my parents as to not upset them.  I should reach out to my parents and seek their advice and guidance and be open with them as they have experience in life that may be beneficial.  As a father, I must not put unnecessary pressure on my son.  So what if he didn’t get a few hits in his baseball game.  It’s not the end of the world, maybe he had other things on his mind and didn’t care to much for the sport today.  We all know he knows how to hit and if he’s not having fun at the sport then so be it, it’s time to change to something he enjoys.

Freedom at a price…

We always hear about freedom.   If you grew up in the USA, you were raised to believe that this is the land of the free.  Everyone always wants to come to the US for several reasons and the thought of freedom being one of them.

Have you ever thought about whether you are really free?  Not only in the US but more so in life? Are we free people or is there a price for freedom?

I believe freedom exists but for a price. Whether you are a country trying to free yourself from another where the price of freedom is war and the lives lost fighting the war is the price paid.  A spouse trying to end a failing marriage and the cost you endure is losing all your assets and income as the price you pay for your freedom.

I’m sure you get the point of what I mean and am rambling about.   Freedom at the end of the day is a great idea and achievement for many but freedom is very expensive.   There in lies the irony of the word…Freedom…but for a price!